My freezer doesn't get anywhere close to -50. Maybe I haven't noticed in the past but I shouldn't have cubes should I?


RV antifreeze will freeze but it does not expand when it freezes.


Run it straight. Don’t dilute. Remaining moisture in the pipes will dilute it.


If they are mushy, you’re okay. As stated elsewhere in this thread, the stuff freezes but it doesn’t expand.


Blended. It is probably in the range of 25% antifreeze / 75% water.


Maybe shed some light on your winterization process, hard to know what you did.

But yes it appears you have diluted your antifreeze with water.


Not sure why the mixed comments
RV antifreeze will actually freeze. It’s common and normal
It’s temp rating is BURST point or point that it expands.

Also wanted to add that nearly all ice makers have a way to force cycle them so you can purge without waiting for pink cubes. Find the manual for your machine will save you bunch of time.

Source: Winterizing

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