Solar Shades for RV Windows

Solar Shades for RV Windows

Block Heat & UV Damage.

EZ Snap solar shades block up to 90% of the sun’s heat & damaging UV rays, WHILE MAINTAINING THE VIEW.

Quick & Easy To Install.

3M Adhesive Snaps with or without screws. No special tools or experience needed.

Fits All RV Windows & Skylights.

RV solar shade kits fit any size or type of RV window and cut easily without fraying.

Save Energy

Help reduce air conditioning bills. Cover all sunny windows for best results.

3M™ Adhesive is Weather Proof

EZ Snap fasteners hold on through extreme hot or cold temperatures.

RV Solar Shades for Windows

  3′ x 6′ Kit =   $66.95
  5′ x 6′ Kit =   $129.95
  7′ x 6′ Kit = $143.00
10′ x 6′ Kit $194.95
12′ x 6′ Kit = $239.95
Larger Kits Available – From 15′ to 150′
One Kit can do Multiple RV Windows
making the cost per Window much less!

Window Shade Price Estimates Available 24/7… Results will Include the Following:

Estimated Price 

Kit Size

Snap Count

Layout Guide

Solar Shades for RV Windows… Super Strong Shade Mesh for All  Weather Conditions

  • Will Not Fray

  • Easy to See Through

  • Unrippable

  • Won’t Stretch

90% Shade Factor Solar Screens.


EZ Snap Thermo weave exterior shade cloth. Blocks up to 90 % of the sun's heat without blocking the view.

EZ Snap Fastener Animation.

Watch how the EZ Snap Fasteners snap together.

This RV Solar Shade animation shows how easy it is to install EZ Snap™ Shade Mesh on your recreational vehicle windows.

Watch how the 3M Adhesive Fasteners attach to the side of the RV, how the Pins attach to the Studs, followed by the EZ Snap Shade Mesh installation. The final part shows how the EZ Snap™ Caps go onto the Pins and stay permanently attached to the Solar Shades.

EZ Snap Reviews RV Shades

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Impressed with how much sun and heat they block because they are mounted on the exterior of the coach.”
Paul & Lynn Barzler

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a sun shade for their RV.”

EZ Snap® Reviews

“This was a good purchase and we are very happy we did it.”
George Kolb

EZ Snap® Reviews

“It was extremely easy to install and went faster then I thought it would.”
Nick Glaser

EZ Snap® Reviews

“Great product! It reduced the heat in our RV.”

Photos of Exterior Window Shades for RV’s

EZ Snap® window shade mesh installs outside with or without screws.

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