Light pollution


Shouldn’t be on all night. Just a few minutes to set up , hook up in the dark. I had to hitch a 5th wheel in complete darkness recently and those would have helped a lot, for 30 seconds.


A plague for neighbors like exterior speakers and TVs

Shouldn’t be allowed.


Why do manufactures and/or people have these type of spotlights on their RV? The brightness is unreal and pictures don’t do justice. It seriously shines light on 6+ sites that are graciously spaced apart.
Do you all see this often? I’m genuinely curious to understand the logic.


My 1805RB has those factory installed. I think it is more of a gimmic, a trend. Not very useful. They are useful if you want to be blinded when walking in front of your trailer in the dark.


Go ask if they are afraid of the dark in the morning. Or get a spotlight and point it at their RV tonight.


Because they are from the city and have no ducking manners. I don’t care about disturbing my neighbors because it’s a free county and i pay taxes. Everyone else can go duck themselves. Bet they play loud music, probably way past midnight.

Source: Why have spotlights on your RV?

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