Just curious if anyone has come up with a better way of ensuring these fairings stay on more permanently?


Use black washers so the screws don’t pull through.


We can reach behind ours – I replaced the screws that fell out with similar-sized bolts w/ locktite. So far so good. (Though looking at yours that’s not your issue – if washers won’t work how about epoxy on the back of the fairing and drilling a new hole?)


I have the same issue. After I purchase my replacement I’ll buy some washers, paint them black and then install.


Just add a bead of sika flex (construction grade multi surface adhesive) across the radius after you screw it back in.


I had some spare plastic “alligators” (push in drywall anchors) that I used behind the fender… washers on the outside.

Source: Wheel side fairings

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