I have a 1966 aristocrat. I have no idea what this metal box is underneath the RV for.

Does it have something to do with the furnace heating?

Thank you


I have confidently determined that none of the people answering have the slightest clue what this or an RV is.



Those guys are really really good. Like scary good.


It’s an electrical service box. That bottom is a lid that will open and i’d wager a pkug is in there. Why put it underneath…hmmm… maybe to prevent it sticking out the side?

Nope, i’m mistaken. Upon closer inspection i’m not sure what it is.


It’s a bomb! And once you go faster than 50 MPH you can’t go slower than 50MPH or it will blow. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this.


That’s the basement


Looks like it may have had a fan at one time on the left, maybe a blower motor for heating the area between floor and the gray layer there for freezing climates. At least thats what it looks like, who knows lol.



Source: Whats this metal box underneath my RV

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