I literally cannot remember. Do I leave it off when plugged it, but turn in on when traveling to power the fridge? Or am I missing something with the power dial.


If you have electric trailer brakes and the break-away safety cord by your chains, you need to have it turned to “on” while towing.


If you have a solar setup then I think you leave on all the time.

I was wondering same thing about my switch but I also have a solar panel up top, so based on the readings from the controller I determined to just leave it on because there’s not more draw than power generated while it just sits there. I just can’t store in a no sun area.


It’s currently turned off. Turn it on when you want to use the battery turn it off when you don’t


This FAQ should help:



RV’s are notorious for having little power vampires here and there that will kill your batteries if you’re parked without shore power. I have this problem myself. I use a battery conditioner to float my batteries. It is possible to track those mysterious little drains down but it’s generally just a huge pain in the ass. The simple old school way to deal with the problem is to just pull one of your cables off the battery terminal. Open circuit, no power full possible. That switch is the cleaner and easier way to deal with the problem. I’ve never seen a new RV come with one installed.

On when you need to power the RV: lights, fridge etc. Off for storage or extended parking without habitation.

Source: What is the correct setting for this?

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