2018 Freedom Elite 23H began first exhibiting some sort of short that caused level check buttons to start generator, then DC only operated under generator power and main power disconnect did not energize system.

Where do I look first?


You probably have some wires touching other wires that that they should not be touching. It might be happening right at that panel, might be a burned insulator somewhere on the run. I would start with the panel since it’s the easiest starting point.


No answer just commiseration. I have a ‘17 Thor class C with this same panel. It’s been in storage for almost a year and I took it out for a small shake out trip before some longer trips I have planned next month.

3 of the tank/battery check buttons were intermittently working. I also had a problem retracting my wall slide when I was packing up to leave the lake. The motors would engage for about 6 inches and then stop.

Also having problems with my LCD screen on my auto-leveling system. It will turn on and operate, but the screen lights up with no info displayed.

Sidenote: neither of my A/C units were working properly either with highs in the upper 90s.

I guess it’s going to the shop because this is out of my repair knowledge. Ugh.


Also could be that mice have chewed the wires somewhere?

Your pilot light is out.

Hope you have a battery powered explosive gas and carbon monoxide alarm!


As strange as it may sound I suggest you first check the 12v ground wires in panel and make sure they connect securely to a solid ground. Many, if not most 12v problems in RVs are caused by bad / missing grounds.

Source: What is going on!?

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