I know they probably told me at the walk through, but I can't remember, and it's not in the manual at all. Anyone have an idea?


Maybe a heater for your batteries, so that you can charge them when below freezing?


It’s to turn on the built in heaters in your lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have temp requirements for proper use and charge. This will keep them happy in lower temps


It’s red. Don’t push it!


Keystone dealer here. I’d recognize that switch anywhere. It’s specifically for your Dragonfly lithium batteries that came with your coach. They were standard on all Keystone models in 2023. It’s an option in 2024, so you lucked out! Those things are pricy, but they’re great.

So that button doesn’t do exactly what you think. It’s not an on off for heating the batteries, rather it’s a an on off for the batteries’ smart sensor which can decide when to heat the batteries based on temps. Lithium batteries you may know can discharge just fine at sub-freezing temps, but do not take a charge at the same temps, hence the heat option.

If you camp seasonally, leave it alone. If you camp year round, leave it on during any time there’s a chance things will freeze. Again, all it does is tell your batteries they have permission to turn on automatically when they need to. Pretty smart design imo.


Simple, that’s the Whitney switch… or “WhitSwitch” is what they call it in the shop. Either, oooooh I wanna battery with somebody. Or, I wanna feel the heat with somebody. The last part is largely voluntary, it can be with or without somebody who loves you.


Make a choice, Battery or heat 🙂


It causes cancer and reproductive harm.

Source: What does this button do

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