Maybe a Water Key ?


Bro, what you need is permission. The person or organization that owns that connection also has the key to operate it.

Also, fysa, we have these all over the place I work, and they are connected to the sprinkler system. So you do not want the water that comes out of them. Generally they use these types of connections when they don’t want the average joe to have access. Usually for a good reason, since they are much more expensive than a standard bib.


Normally something is locked for a reason


There’s a gadget you can get on Amazon or at Camping World called a “water bandit”. It’s a stretchy rubber sleeve that fits over a non-threaded water spigot like the one pictured, and lets you attach a standard threaded hose to fill up your water tank.


Four way water key is the correct answer. However, one of these works also and can be for other tasks as well. I keep one in my truck.

6-Piece Folding Nut Driver Set SAE


Looks like a city hook up! Only city employees can use and ask maybe


I dont know about that knob to the right, but the other side is a standard sillcock. Just need a square key to turn the valve.

Source: What do I need to buy to be able to connect to and turn on a spigot like this, to fill my fresh water tank when boondocking?

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