learntorv: We’ve been talking about a rig diet this summer. I knew we were hovering right around the GVWR for the trailer.

Truck is: 2018 Ram 3500 DRW, 4×4, 4.10 gears, crew cab, long bed. I had just filled with fuel. Truck bed stays full. Wife, me, and son were in the truck along with normal travel-day conveniences (drinks, snacks, and entertainment options for my son). Only thing missing was my daughter.

Camper is: 2017 Spartan 1245 made by Prime Time Manufacturing (a Forest River brand). Triple axle toy hauler. Our garage is done up like the kid’s bedroom, Momma’s craft nook, laundry, and school supplies.

Digested, [here are my numbers](http://www.towingplanner.com/ActualWeights/FifthWheelCatScales/?w1sa=5660&w1da=7800&w1ta=18260&w2sa=5660&w2da=4620&a=2) (from TowingPlanner.com):

>Gross Combined Weight View Current Page Link
31,720 (*truck’s GCWR is 39,100*)
Truck Weight (hitched)
13,460 (*truck’s GVWR is 14,000*)
Truck Weight (truck only)
Camper Weight
21,440 (*trailer’s GVWR is 21,000 lbs.*)
Pin Weight
Pin Weight Percentage
14.8 %

Other ratings:
Truck’s front GAWR is 6,000 lbs. (vs. 5,660 loaded). Trucks’ rear GAWR is 9,750 lbs. (vs. 7,800 loaded).

The trailer has 3 x 7,000 lbs. axles (vs. 18,260 loaded).

I was carrying 3/4 to full fresh water tank. At 100 gallons total, that’s 75-100 gallons for 625 to 830 lbs. Simply dumping this out gets me under the trailer’s GVWR. It also increases the pin weight percentage and the overall pin weight amount that the truck carries.

That said, the 14.8% pin weight has had no adverse effects on handling.

I prefer using the [Weigh My Truck app](https://weighmytruck.com/) so that my wife doesn’t have to run in nor do I have to shout over the background noise of trucks, but it seems my payment method had expired and you can’t reset that within the app. You have to go to the Weigh My Truck website to update it.

BabyInAStraightJackt: Thanks for the informative post!

johnson56: I’m assuming the sheet on the right is your truck alone? I’m surprised that the front axle weight is identical between the loaded and unloaded weighings. I’d expect to see atleast a few hundred lbs more on the front axle with the trailer hitched.

Great post!

Im_100percent_human: How much did it cost to weigh?

Your trailer weighs over 20,000 lbs? Wow! Mine is less than 10% of that.

davellie: I’ve been hesitant to go to the scales near me because I don’t know the protocol and don’t want to hold up the truckers. I would like to do exactly as you have – do the truck, hitch up and then do the whole set up. Can you explain to me the process? thanks

Trghpy00: Interestingly the front axles didn’t change.

That’s probably a good sign; everything is balanced.

xrandx: You need to be very careful. Anything over 26000 in many states will get you a fine commercial or not without the proper paperwork.

Source: Weighed my rig yesterday; 2018 Ram DRW pulling a 2017 Spartan 1245 toy hauler

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