tv64738: De-clickbaiting for you:

1. Downsizing
2. Being together all the time
3. Control your destination (choose your neighbors etc)
4. No more snooze button (wake up late when you want to, not being on the clock)
5. (no idea got bored and closed the tab)

1organicmachine: It’s gonna be windy tomorrow…

Ysanchez4: Thank you! I totally envy you

lbunit: Love the video you guys look like you’re having a blast!

ruinedbykarma: How do you deal with mail?

Ysanchez4: 1) do you both work remotely?
2) how do you ensure GOOD WiFi in order to work?
3) how do you ensure GOOD cell signals in order to work?
4) finding the discipline to wfh is hard, how do you do it while overlooking beautiful, fun locations?

Source: We have been full time RVing for almost a year, here are 5 lifestyle changes we made.

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