Anyone know how this could happen? It dropped to 0 degrees last night and the drip I had wasn’t enough and it froze while hooked up to city water.

Should I lance that or let it dry? And concerns I should have?


>Any concerns I should have?

Uh… yes? You burst a pipe or fitting.


After you repair it you might want to skirt your rv and put a couple 400watt halogen lamps under it to keep it from freezing again.


Had a similar problem it was a leaking roof that drained down the wall. It was a lot of work.


Honestly I’d take the entire underbelly off and repair whatever caused this.


Had the same thing happen to a brand new 2o22 Sunlite Camper this year. The dealer and manufacturer couldn’t figure out the problem and both thought it was a waterline or tank leak.

However, I ordered a new Fantastic Fan with the new camper installed over the bed (installed by the dealer prior to purchase). The tech did a terrible job on the install and left a huge hole in the caulk on top of the camper. The water ran into the ceiling and was diverted to the walls and ran down to the floor where it was caught by the underbelly wrap.

I returned the camper and got a brand new one. Good luck! Look for any possibilities


This is a leak in that very area under the RV. I am going with the city inlet is dripping but on the back side so you can’t see it. It is NOT the roof or anything above the vinyl floor. This is a leak under the RV between the floor and the black undercover.


I might be stupid but that doesn’t look like water…. looks like air pressure

Source: Water trapped in underbelly

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