I’m looking into washer/dryers for my new rv. I wondered if anyone has used something like these? It’s just me and my husband so laundry will be quite minimal. But I was curious on people’s experiences/opinions using something like this that is significantly smaller/cheaper


We use these:

Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Washer and Spin Dryer 7.7 lbs Capacity Compact

I like it because it is manual or hose filled. Does a great job of air spin drying material almost completely dry. Can handle some towels and sheets as well.

For the dryer we use a 110v RCA dryer. Panda and magic chef also make really nice 110v models that are fantastic at drying.

For smaller lightly soiled stuff I have one of those that go into a 5 gallon bucket to wash then I squeeze the stuff dry and toss in the dryer.

Now a lot of those dryers so no vent and all this stuff but in an RV that is a lie. It will make so much humidity. We even have a dehumidifier and it won’t keep up so make sure you are venting the dryer.

If you need ideas on placement or use lmk


We had one of these in our travel trailer. It sat in the shower. It got plenty of use. Most of our clothing is wick dry so it worked perfect for washing. A quick spin would shorten the drying time.

It was not perfect and could get out of balance if you didn’t load correct. It has to be moved each time we wanted to shower.

Would highly recommend it if you don’t have room for a splendide or similar and you prefer not to go to a Laundromat.


They work but they aren’t what I’d call well made. I had to return two of them which arrived with a broken tub and broken switch before getting one that worked out of the box.


They work fine. We had one in a previous rv. If you don’t use enough water, clothes tend to harden. These two models don’t include a dryer. Just a wash and a spin section.

They tend to be more hands on than a splendide unit as you have to drain the water, spin the clothes, put them back in the wash to rinse, spin them again, and then hang them to dry. Oh, and the spin area is usually smaller than the wash area, so you have to do two spins per wash cycle.


My splendide has probably been my favorite addition to my rv. It’s got a lower capacity than a standard home unit, but it washes and dries independently so no switching loads. Throw clothes in in the morning, then come back to washed and dried clothes.


I have the top one. Have had for a few years, though sometimes go to laundromat instead—gets my clothes very clean and hasn’t broken, so I’m happy with it!


Used a similar style washer and a 110v panda dryer full timing in a TT with a family of 4 for 2 years. More time consuming than a regular washer but far better than dealing with laundromat’s imo.

Source: Washer/dryer

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