What is up with these jugs. Even the Red ones say that it isn’t for gas. On the racing jug website? Like wtf? I get color coding on jugs like blue for water, yellow for diesel. But shouldn’t red be ok for gas?


The new gas can spouts that everyone hates? These don’t have that so they are not intended for use with gasoline.


I believe they are not intended for gasoline because of emissions issues.


It is to be California compliant. It doesn’t have auto close or nozzle vent.


I don’t know. I bought a few of the red ones and use them for gas all the time. Haven’t had any issues yet.


So I know this isn’t the VP brand. But these are basically the same things. This one is tractor supply


It doesn’t have the nanny spout so no gas. The liability associated with manufacturing gas containers is nuts. Forced Blitz into bankruptcy


And type of plastic used plays a role in that.

Source: VP racing “fuel” jugs not for gas

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