What's up RV gang? We are currently in Houston and have two weeks until we have to be in Vegas.

We would like to see some fun places along the way and have never driven in this area before. Grand Canyon will be a must and I've heard good stuff about Carlsbad Caverns. What route do y'all recommend and places to stop for the day? We plan on driving about three hours each day so we can be comfortable.

Thanks for any advice!


That southern route takes you near whitesands. Worth the stop.


That alternate route is a good drive, minimal climbs to deal with.


Sedona, AZ is beautiful!


Make sure your ac and heat work. Melt in the day, freeze at night. Lol

Have fun!


Take the south route (I-10). Many of the places along the north route are already getting snow or will by 2 weeks from now.


If you take the southern route Carsband Caverns are a must see. Guadelupe Mountains NP are beautiful especially if you like to hike. I’m betting the leaves will be changing and wishing I could see it. White Sands NM is beautiful and if you are able you can sled the sand dunes with disk sleds. You can literally drive your RV down a road right into the heart of the dunes. You’ll be very close to the grand canyon if that is your thing as well.


A funky little stop is the Caverns of Sonora on I-10 in Texas.

Roswell is a stupid touristy trap of a town and I can’t wait to go. LOL

And then you can spend a ton of time in Arizona itself.

Source: Two Weeks Until Vegas. Any Recommendations?

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