Rigged up ready to go. Got it weighed and I was 2120lb over my gcwr. But I got airbags not inflated in the picture. The only reason I exceeded the gcwr was because of the rear end. Same truck with 4.10 would tow another 4k.


Clearly not enough trailer for the truck.


Mid-bunk with a loft? I’m not jealous but my kids are.

Tow police didn’t even look up from their donuts.


This doesn’t seem right. That is a dually and that trailer is only two axels. What gears are in it? What does the trailer weigh? That is a 100 % better set up than you see on this community.


We use to run out of the house with no money, no phone, and not a care in the world.


What’s the gcwr of your truck?


What is the payload of your truck? Airbags have no affect on payload.


I have a Ram 3500 with the 4.10 rear towing around 20K. Even with the fuel cost I feel comfy with the 4.10. There is a guy on reddit who tows a momentum with a 3.51 rear and has already replaced his tranny. You’re rig looks good, have fun.

Source: Tow police

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