I’ve always had some level of creativity wanting to burst its way out, but time was not always on my side.  When my daughter was growing up, I had fun coming up with ways to  incorporate art projects–from finger painting the walls of the bathtub when she was really little, to making pretty papers out of ‘blowing bubbles’ with dish soap and food coloring for birthday invites, to stamping and coloring wrapping paper for “Santa” to use at Christmas time.  We had a good time and made some beautiful memories.  It was all done while working a ‘balls to the wall’ full-time job (often night shift) along with church and other volunteer activities.  When I retired and we started traveling full time, I was at a loss with what to do with my ‘free time.’  When not exploring local attractions, taking pictures, and blogging about our adventures, I needed something to be productive in my quiet moments.

My sister-in-law, Lorri, makes beautiful homemade cards.  In fact, her cards are so lovely and meaningful, they are among the few “sentimental” items we’ve saved safely in storage while we travel.   She even made special keepsake announcements for my daughter’s graduation.  I’ve always admired her talent and the perfection of her cards, and she inspired me to try something similar.

I recently attempted this relaxing and limitless hobby.  I’m nowhere near as professional as Lorri and I’m still learning.  I also have the confines of a very small space in our RV, so my craft supplies are limited at any given time.  I’ve gotten good at organizing, though, which utilizes almost as much creativity as actually making the cards.

I’ve made wine bottle gift tags:


Christmas gift tags and small gift boxes:


Christmas cards:


Wedding cards and encouragement cards:


While I’m not an excellent photographer, I have taken a few good photographs.  I’ve even incorporated those into making some colorful notecards:


I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these cards.  Last year, I donated quite a few to Cards for Soldiers, an organization that ships handmade cards to troops overseas so they can send notes and greetings back home to their families.  A friend selected a few to sell in his gift shop and fellow RVers have purchased a few.  I’ve also given some as gifts.  The funny thing–I rarely send them to family.  Number one, Lorri has set way too high a bar on creativity and quality.  Number two, they just aren’t special enough, yet.

Currently, it’s a creative outlet for me and someday soon I might open an Etsy or Square store.  For now, I’ll just share with friends and sell as needed.

I can now file these photos in my idea folder and erase them from my phone.  What random photos do you have this week?

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