those black plastic corrugated covers typically come split like that so you can insert the wires. i it were me, i’d just put a couple more zip strips on it so it doesn’t blow off.


It’s split wire loom. Nothing is wrong with it.


I have that on my trailer, truck, tv, and shop. It is a wire loom. It is designed to help keep the wires close together. For the trailer, it adds a layer of protection against water getting into the wire connections or wires getting chewed up as thenslide goes in and out. Where you see that exposed wire, you can add some tape, but a zip tie will last longer. The loom moves with the slide, so you cannot impede the looms movement. In other words, don’t slap 4 rolls of duct tape on it to make it stiff.


Normal, that’s called “Split Wire Loom” no action needed…


Yeah I would think taping it would cause more issues. I would just add a few more zip ties and call it good

Source: slide out’s plastic cover for wiring is ripped. Is Electrical tape a good option or is this plastic cover designed to open and retract?

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