The Sherpa camping trailer combines luxury amenities with rugged off-road capability. This pull-behind hardshell trailer pod carries a rooftop tent on two wheels.

BRS offroad sherpa trailer

Camper trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for rugged backcountry living and others for more extravagant lifestyles. Australian company BRS Offroad says you can have the best of both worlds.

BRS Offroad Sherpa camping trailer

The brand’s Sherpa trailer redefines off-road adventure with its eccentric appearance and plenty of luxury features. The build starts at roughly $44,000.

It has a full-size cabin coupled with an Alu-Cab rooftop tent. The Sherpa provides enough sleeping space for the whole family. A unique chassis gives the Sherpa high-angle maneuverability while the pod is lightweight and strong.

Sherpa: A Home Off Road

Unlike many pull-behind trailers, the Sherpa is made for luxury living. The main sleeping cabin is heated. It includes a stereo, a 21-inch LED TV, and fans.

At the back of the trailer, two 30-liter domestic fridge drawers keep food fresh and drinks cold. A two-burner stove and a pop-down sink make cooking and cleaning a breeze. An additional sliding drawer, diesel water heater, 200-liter water storage bladder, 12-volt outlets, and reading and cabin lights round off the interior package.

BRS Offroad camping trailer

There’s a heated outdoor shower that mates to the water bladder and pops up outside. But it doesn’t have a toilet, meaning you’ll still get a taste of outdoor living. While sleeping on the queen mattress in the main cabin might feel like home, you can’t beat the views of the night sky through the large stargazing window.

The Sherpa has a glamping-centric interior, but the exterior is built like a tank. It has a pretty cool platform, and a single beam runs up the center of the trailer. It rides on an independent Cruisemaster suspension. The galvanized chassis cuts down on weight without sacrificing performance.

BRS offroad sherpa trailer

Aircraft-grade materials construct the top cone, giving the Sherpa its distinctive shape. Its honeycomb core measures 20 mm thick. The brand calls it both light and strong.

Built for off-road living with the creature comforts of home, the Sherpa brings glamping deep into the backcountry.

Source: Sherpa Trailer Blends Burly Build With Off-Road Luxury

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