My family and I are new to RV life and are setting up our first site. My wife bought this Camco Rhino Swivel (picture included) it should attach to the hose we have but we don't have enough force with our hands to snap it into the second groove. Without that it is very loose and unusable.

Has anyone bought these or experienced this issue before?


That reducer is a recipe for disaster


Not sure what the smaller diameter black and orange is for? Typical 3” sewer hose would attach to the 90 without the reduced piece.


You don’t have to go into the second groove.


They are stiff to start – we got a plastic wrench that helps with seating those connections: wrench set – Amazon has them for sale.

Count me in with the folks who are concerned about that reducer – you want max flow and I worry the smaller diameter could be a real problem with black tank waste.


I’m curious, what is the part number for that fitting, I can’t find it on Camco’s site.

I don’t believe it’s meant to go into the second smaller hole.

Post the part number or link to the item in a store. Enquiring minds want to know.


It’s properly attached in the picture.

However that reducer is going to cause problems. You’re asking for a poop geyser.


Looks to me like the black and orange end is what is placed in the dump site. The other orange end fits onto the sewer hose. Yes they are very tough to get on and off. After awhile they become easier as they wear.
Im unfamiliar with the black reduction, haven’t really seen that before

Source: Sewer hose attachment question

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