We, like many others, also have a thor. They’re the largest manufacturer of RVs which means you need to get used to shit breaking on them constantly because they churn these things out too quickly to do any quality control. As long as you aren’t deterred by the constant repair list you’ll have a great time. Our first rig was a 30ft class C Winnebago and we drove over 100k miles on it and went to over 40 states. It’s a very fun way to get around, enjoy!


That’s cool enjoy it my wife and myself retired and traveling the country now


We just bought our second camper, a 2019 Coachmen Leprechaun. It has been our preferred way to travel since 2015.


Love the rig and the TOOL shirt! Safe travels out there!


Omg love my thor c class. So easy to drive and backup.


i hope your Thor is better than mine- which has been a nightmare. It’s been over a year now and the entire electrical system doesn’t work when disconnected from shore power. They flew their best tech out to Seattle TWICE and it’s still broken.

I wouldn’t wish a Thor on my worst enemy.


Congrats! We’ve been full time for just about four years, loving it out here. Thor is…well not exactly known for their build quality on all of their sub models, that does not mean you won’t have a great time, just carry some tools and if you’re under warranty don’t be shy about getting their help 🙂

Source: Saved up some cash and bought this monster. 2019 Thor 30FE. Ready to make some memories!

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