I guess when we decide to sell ours I will have to feature ‘Never Been to Burning Man’ on the ad

So many $150K+ transits stuck 🙁


Cruise America going to be charging a lot of cleanup fees this week it looks like.


That Class-C powering out of there. I wouldn’t stop either. Just keep going.

However, if I was to be stuck at Burning Man, I would prefer it to be in an RV.


This is a situation when it would be really useful to have a drone. You could find the best place to cross in before risking getting stuck.


Gotta air down those tires.


Buddy of mine goes pretty often. He rented a small trailer last year and he was telling me I should rent mine because you can get a crazy premium for it (like $5k for ten days for a 20ft bunkhouse).



I never knew Burning Man was such an RV fest. I always thought it was people living out of their cars and tents.

Source: RVs Trying to Leave Burning Man

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