The northernmost route there is I-40 from Memphis, TN to Flagstaff, AZ. That’s an easy, if tedious drive.

The middle route is US highway all the way across Texas, or very nearly, (it looks like Texarkana to Amarillo as US highway. Some of that will be four lane, some will be two lane, and none will be scenic in that part of the country.

The south route is a mix of US highway and interstate, but it goes through the largest, most desolate part of Texas, so I’d avoid it just out of desire to avoid boredom. There are also likely to be some fairly long stretches with limited stop.

In summary: unless I had a reason to choose one of the other routes, I’d go with the blue highlighted northern route. It is likely the fastest, and it will be nice interstate for the majority of the drive.


Take 40. Texas sucks.


Planning to go from Atlanta GA to Sedona AZ, leaving in about a weeks time, and looking for advice regarding the best (fastest/easiest) route to take? We’re on a bit of a time crunch and hoping to do it in 2.5-3 days, so won’t be stopping around many places. Towing a 26ft Travel trailer if that has any weight on suggestions.


I’ve done this trip a few times. Pretty much every route you have there. Your northern route is one I like. Go through west Texas at night. There’s little to no light pollution so the stars are absolutely brilliant. The mountain regions In Arkansas and NM are beautiful too. The other routes are flat and boring for the most part.


I don’t have tons of advice but I’ve gone from FL to Sedona many times and usually gone through south/west Texas. I’ve never gone to the north through Oklahoma. I’ve heard the northern route is nice or nicer than going through a huge chunk of west Texas. I will say there are parts of west Texas with little to no options for camping. So if you’re trying to maximize your drive days and need the most options of places to stay I’d avoid as much of tx as possible. Enjoy Sedona! Have you been before? It’s great this time of year.


dont know the route but go to Sedona alot. Are you staying at the Rancho Sedona RV park when you get there? that is maybe my favorite RV park in AZ. right on the creek are the best spots.


Dallas to NM anywhere is hours and hours (and hours) of desert.

I personally enjoy driving through that northern route you’ve highlighted. Not sure about Memphis though…

Source: Route suggestions for Atlanta to Sedona AZ

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