You don’t need a WD hitch pulling that with that truck.

If you’re concerned about sway, buy a friction based sway controller instead. But honestly, that trailer has a rearward axle placement and is going to be inherently stable unless you drop 5 cases of beer right on the tail inside or something…but otherwise, honestly, I wouldn’t bother with either. 200#TW is class 1 hitch territory, and it’s safe to assume your truck as at least a class 2 or 3.


Normally I’d say WDH to most configurations but for your setup I’d say you probably don’t need one.

You could do a round bar style one just to get some sway control (trunion bar ones don’t give you the sway control)


As a 3/4 ton driver, you’re good. No need unless you want it.

Source: Recommendations for WD hitch setup. 200 dry tongue weight. being pulled by a 2022 Nissan Frontier. I want to feel confident on the road. The trailer is a Viking 12.0 TD Max. Thanks in advance

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