Hi all. I have a question that might be really stupid but google isn’t being helpful so here I am. I have a 19 foot travel trailer. The fridge, stove and water heater run off of propane. My question is, if I wanted to boondock in the middle of nowhere, could I plug my trailers shore power (with the proper power converter) into this generator pictured? With no fridge or large appliances running, my thought is we could use our lights and charge our phones inside if needed for a few hours? And maybe run the coffee pot? Could this work for a few hours a day or am I totally missing something?


You can do that. You’ll probably need an adapter. It won’t be much different than plugging your RV into a standard household outlet. So as long as you can run off a 15A outlet like your home has a Jackery should work too.


Consider how long it would take to recharge that using solar, even if you don’t fully deplete the stored energy. It may not totally recharge to 100% in 8hrs of sunlight if I remember that model correctly. Maybe I’m thinking of a different one.

Otherwise, yeah. It’ll recharge phones and make a pot of coffee. It will not run your aircon tho.


I hate how they’re now calling batteries “generators”. That one comes with a few solar panels, but depending on your latitude and weather they can be grossly inadequate. It’s so overpriced,

If you plug it into your TT, a portion of that energy goes to the trailer’s circuitry and charging the battery in it. For example I know my camper draws 80 watts just plugged into shore power, with nothing inside it on.

That ad doesn’t clearly say peak wattage or amp-hours. If the “model 1000” means 1000w peak wattage, that excludes a lot of things: no to coffee maker, no kitchen appliances like microwave, no air conditioner. It could run a fan, but maybe not all day.

Didn’t your trailer come with a battery? The single cheapo lead acid battery in my TT lasts me 2-3 days, and that also includes TV & furnace fan. If you’re going to spend $1,300, put the money towards larger battery/batteries. Consider switching to lithium (LiPo4) , though you may have to upgrade your TT’s charger.

I added some USB quick charger outlets in my TT, which draw power from its 12v system. It’s an easy DIY upgrade that cost $20. I also found a standard RV light fixture with USB port on side, which I just swapped out for a light next to a bed. Amazon has a great selection of these things.

What battery is currently in your TT? Is it not holding a charge? If it’s super old, it may just need replaced.


Can you? Yes. Will it work for long, no.

For that kind of money, I’d invest in a some Lithium batteries and Harbor Freight inverter generator.


My buddy bought a jackery to run his CPAP off grid. It did the job but the panels have failed to fully recharge it a couple times.

Do you not have 12v lights? My first trailer years ago was built in 1979 and even it had 12v lighting. Shouldn’t need “shore power” for lights. As others have said it’s cheap and relatively easy to add lights, phone chargers etc that run off your 12v system.

That only leaves your coffee pot. I have a decent solar charging, lithium battery and inverter setup that will run my electric coffee maker. Before I got that all setup though, I just used a Coleman drip coffee maker that sits in a gas burner.

12v lighting and phone chargers: $50-$100

Coleman coffee maker: $65.99

Coleman Outdoor Grill Top, Drip Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel & Black https://www.walmart.com/ip/10299012

Less than $200 to accomplish what you are suggesting


I’d plug in the Keurig and charge the phones directly to it. There’s some conversion loss if you plug the trailer to it then use that to power the house outlets. I also bought rechargeable led lights for inside so I don’t have to rely on power from my van just for lighting.


I’ve been boondocking for years using the regular camper battery and a folding solar panel / charge controller connected directly to the battery.

Mine has a propane fridge too, so I’m mostly just using lights and the water pump. Nothing that uses AC power will work, so for coffee I usually just do a pour over with a kettle on the stove.

As long as you have some sun every day, it should work!

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