First week in our camper and I’m just getting ready to set up internet, but I had a question about the best way to do it. I do not know much about king extenders or the best way to get internet. Should I buy a Hotspot like one from Verizon and get an extender through king? Or is there a specific Hotspot that’s best for full time Rving. We both game and stream shows

TLDR: I need internet in camper, what do I get?


Pre-wired for wireless… I feel like if you remove that wall plate there will be nothing there….


Just get T-Mobile $50 a month, done.


Answer for “what should I get?” depends on a number of technical factors, like:

  • boondocks, or city campground
  • How often do you plan to use the camper?
  • How long do think your trips will be?
  • What will your use be? Netflix? Facebook & email only? Online gaming? Data-intensive WFH?
  • How fast do you need?

Answers can range from “just use the campground wifi” or “get a hotspot from your cell provider” to “get a starlink” to “elaborate wifi repeater and multi-channel cellular” depending on the above.

Best one-stop source for info is For your questions, you might consider paying for the full membership, not just the free version.


I bought the king extender and it works really well if the access point is far away. But if there is no public access point you’ll have to use your own hotspot. Then you’re limited on your data speed through cellular. IMO the extender is worth the extra $120 or so to have when your public access point is too far for your TVs or whatever


I ask this myself, we’re stationary in a camper and I have no idea how to get WiFi


“Pre-wired for WiFi”

Uh… I don’t think that’s how it works 🙂

Source: Question about internet for Camper in comments

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