Yes, my kitchen needs cleaned. That mac and cheese is fire though. Still on my to-do to paint the interior space where the oven was black also.

Partner has baked in it quite a bit, no burning. Toast is cool, as is the air fryer. Used the temp probe on some steaks.


Yeah the nuwave is mind blowing on a lifepo4 battery. How many ah you have?


I haven’t gone so far as packing along a toaster oven, since I’ve still got a factory convection/microwave oven, but the induction burner was one of my best upgrades after adding lithium batteries. It’s so much faster than the propane stove it’s kind of amazing.


Our sticks and bricks has a ninja flip style and an induction cooktop. Very happy with both. The ninja saves 20 minutes over our $2500 built in double oven.


I have been saying this to my husband for the longest time! Personally I would go the Breville Smart Oven but the Furion oven we have is that only in name. It’s an upside down broiler and I hate it!


We have that same induction burner and absolutely love it. I find I don’t even need to go higher than 900W, the mid-range setting.

Source: PSA: Ninja Foodi oven works a treat to replace the propane stove. Pair it with an induction cooktop and you’ll have boiled water very quickly. I have a large lithium bank onboard, so YMMV if boondocking, but I absolutely love it!

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