If you ever want some wind, just extend your awning. Works every time.


I really miss my manual awning on my old 2007. The heavy triangle shaped frame could hold up to any winds. Overnight I just lowered it so the awning was at a good pitch and goodnight. And my chairs could stay under it and dry during a rain.

Some manufacturer needs to figure out a better solution…


I dont recall ever seeing people bring in their awning overnight. Angled it, yes. However, if there was a high wind advisory/ warning, may be wise.


Where in Florida did that happen?


Did it fall asleep?


I was taught that if you ain’t under it or awake and near it, stow the awning. There’s a hundred excuses not to but only one way to get one unwrapped from your roof…..


PSA, don’t use an awning, period! I had a brand new Carefree awning out on a beautiful day with just a light breeze. A gust of wind came through and bent the hell out of the encasement and broke off the end bracket. I hate this awning so much.

Source: PSA Don’t leave your awning out overnight

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