Prospective first time owner here. We’ve got some raw land and are looking to park this beauty there and hook it up to power, well, and septic. Would love to get regular use out of it ourselves and let family and friends stay there. Only problem is, I have no idea what I’m doing because I’ve never owned an RV before. Can you help me out?

  • what kind of upkeep would something like this require? Resealing the roof every year, what else? How hard is it to find someone to do repairs on this sort of thing?

  • I’ve read in previous posts that Forest River doesn’t have the best reputation. How much use do you reckon I could get out of this before things start to break? I’m thinking I want heavy-ish use, with someone there just about every weekend. How long before I’d probably have to replace?

  • it’s 40k out the door. I absolutely love the curb appeal/tiny house look, but I don’t want to sacrifice quality. Is there anything else in that price range that would be higher quality? Must sleep 5-6.

What other questions should I be asking?

Thanks so much for your help, I’m way out of my depth!!


Because you plan on putting the unit on your own property, and never moving it, you’d be better off buying a pre built tiny home.

All travel trailers are a compromise, because they have to be light enough to tow, and strong enough to pass NHTSA regulations.

A wood framed, tiny house is better suited to your needs, and probably less expensive to buy, and maintain.


Imo that “deck” is a waste of space. Put your chairs on the ground when you want to sit outside.

I looked this model up on their website. I think one person would feel cramped in here. Let alone multiple people. Looks like the whole thing was designed with a “looks are more important than function” mentality.


Just checked fb marketplace.. you could buy a used single wide or park model mobile home. Move it. And still be ahead at least 10 thousand. Used Park Model mobile which are built to be moved occasionally start at 7000 and the nicest/newest was 30,000. Look into that option. Not has good has stick built but a lot better built then a forest river.


It’s a Forest River so it is going to have the worst possibly build that you can imagine. If you are handy then you can hopefully fix everything major and minor. Also, even if it is parked things will break, leak and not work correctly.

If you do go through with this you better do one hell of a good pre inspection before picking the unit up and do not take it home until the dealer has corrected 100% of the issues. If you leave the dealership with it and they claim it will be easy to fix everything they missed it won’t. They will have the RV for 2 months minimum. I owned a FR product before and it took months for FR to approve the smallest fixes. It was a pop up and sat at the dealers shop for 6 months.


Nice unit, but a little small for your expectations.

Look at some park models, these would be better for your situation. Even a used unit would work well and be in your price range.


I really like this unit, and can’t stop looking at it myself.

The price is insane.


I’ve looked into these myself. If this is the queen bedroom loft model, I’ve seen it as low as 30k. They have another model coming out in a month, with a king size first floor bedroom. Even if you want to stick with this one, the competition will drive down the price on this model.

Source: Pros and Cons of Forest River Timberwolf 16ML?

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