Cargo trailer on the hitch for carrying generator and propane.


Propane cylinders are rated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to fall onto pavement at 65 mph without rupturing.


Not worried about getting rear ended?


Should be fine, just make sure there is a button quick release on the hitch in case you find yourself in a car chase.


Those little hitch racks are less than ideal for a number of reasons.

The weight is put further rearward than it needs to be. So much length in the stinger that isn’t necessary.

If it’s welded or bolted to the number, and the bumper isn’t reinforced, you could be in for a bad time.

You could really utilize the rack, but it would likely better serve you being welded to the actual bumper or hinged on the frame like you see on wolfpac tow behinds, or welded to the bumper but have the bumper stoutly reinforced.


Is the front tongue full?


I cannot see the receiver. Is it frame mounted? If mounted to the 4” bumper, I would say no. I’ve seen those bumpers ripped off by the weight and leverage of an added rack like you show.


2 tanks are quite heavy to be bouncing around back there. It will probably be OK but really watch all potential areas for cracking.

Source: Propane on a cargo trailer…. I don’t see a problem but it dawned on me that I’ve never seen it done before. Thoughts?

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