Hey everyone!
Our new RV came with an outdoor “kitchen” which pretty much was an open space and a fridge. We’re looking to get some aftermarket things to fill out the space. We’re thinking a slide out grill or small cupboard. If anyone had a similar setup and had to buy aftermarket and could advise what you did and where you purchased it, that would be helpful!

Thanks everyone!


I bought some drawers slides and made a platform for a mini Traeger.


Funny they still call this a kitchen. More of an outdoor mini fridge if you ask me. Back when they first became all the rage, our outdoor kitchen had a mini fridge, a grill, and a sink. Each subsequent model in the same price range, there seems to be less and less kitchen but that doesn’t stop them from calling it such.


My Keystone 5th wheel came with a Blackstone grill build in on slides. It was a pos so I replaced it with a 2 burner gas stove so we could cook outside and keep the smells away. It works awesome. 

Here’s the product


If it is towards the back, we found that our outdoor kitchen cooktop was often unusable due to sites sloping down in the back. Personally, I’d just use that space and I’d check to see if a small grill or Blackstone fit in there.


I bought a 100% stainless steel flat grill with flip out legs and I pull that out the side hatch and drop the legs. I cannot add a slide, but wish I did, because the grill is not that stout legwise and tends to sway around a little so you have to be careful with how much stuff you put on it at any given time. I upgraded one side of the grill by installed a propane burner to put a pot on it, and I have a propane port for grills right there on the side of the RV built in from the factory.


I’d just add storage for a table top grill or blackstone. My unit came with a griddle that slid out, but I converted it into a drawer. I don’t need the extra heat and grease next to my unit.


Not a fan of the grill mounted to the camper, grease etc. I just got a longer quick connect hose and put my grill on a table, works great.

To me that looks like the spot for the ice maker and a cabinet for glasses and bottles 🙂

Source: Outdoor Kitchen Grill

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