Was able to get them to knock $500 off the freight cost since I'd be driving 11hrs to go get it. Is this a good deal? It's my first camper purchase, so I really don't know what to ask about billing wise


The starter kit, administration fee and prep rv fee is the fluff stuff where the dealership’s trying to make their money.

A “starter kit” usually consists of a water hose and a sewer hose, maybe some chocks, that can all be had for less than $100, possibly even less than $50. So get details about what that kit actually provides, and make your own call if it’s worth it.

Same thing with the Administration fee, find out what that entails. There’s already a separate line item for the plate and title, so what are they charging you for?

And lastly, the “Prep RV” fee. That’s almost 2K right there, so really dig into that one. At some dealers that might be as simple as “wash the RV”. Or they might really be doing a bunch of stuff.

Overall, the charges are probably fine. Given the discount, they’re probably selling the trailer somewhere around cost, so they need to make some money somewhere. Just make sure they’re being honest about it.


I sell rvs… selling a customer a new 2022 now is probally about the meanest thing they could do to you…… thats straight lot rot, probally got to the dealership in 2021, height of covid coaches.


Knock off the 1995 prep or no deal. Prep makes it a no-go deal.


You mention driving 11hrs. Not sure the distance, but my diesel fuel has been a bit over 40 cents per mile while hauling, also consider trailer tires are only rated to 65 MPH so it may take longer to get back home. Driving it back home is good practice in driving with the trailer.

Make sure you have a backup camera. Mine was about an extra grand, installed. They also will have a store with all the essentials, all of which you can order online for probably 1/3 the price.

Also be prepared for everything to break and be warrantied out in the first year. I have needed to return to the dealer (which is out of town) several times. Not feasible if it’s that far away.

Also, consider the warranties they try to sell you, may or may not be needed.


That is an absolutely terrible deal.

It’s a 2022 model. It’s been sitting on their lot for two years. Floorplan has been completely paid out on this unit. The dealer is into this for the cost of their invoice plus whatever floorplan they paid (that they’re never going to get back).

$27,990 + tax would be my OTD price.

Also, is this your unit?



No RV is ever”worth it”. They are all severely depreciating assets and they all require significant maintenance and repairs.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a small travel trailer or a 2 million dollar bus. Only the amount of dollars change.

That being said, only you can decide if the camping experiences and treasured memories are worth the price paid.

In my personal experience, we spent more than $700,000 (over a period of 15 years) from the time the first RV was purchased till the last one was sold. We lived in our motorhome full time for 10 of those years.

So….was it worth it? Absolutely. I wouldn’t trade that experience or those memories or friendships for anything.

Good luck….and happy camping!????


What’s the interest rate, what’s the total interest charged on the loan? Am I blind or is it not mentioned at all? How many payments?

I don’t trust any place that just lists monthly payments without the other details. It’s a way to prey on people, “oh you can afford 300 a month? Cool here’s a vehicle” and people don’t realize it’s like 9 years of 300 payments at 14% yearly interest..

Source: New 2022 Crossroads Sunset Trail 212RB, Worth it?

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