So my sink randomly collapsed tonight. It still empties the water through the pipe and it appears everything is still connected plumbing wise. The soonest I'll be able to have this worked on is february at camping world (Arent warranties great?)
So is there a way I can fix this myself? Like if I put gorilla glue around the edges and prop it up?
Or call a mobile tech perhaps?


There should be clips under your cabinet part of your sink that holds it in place. Put your sink back up there. Spin the keepers back around, and tighten the dog shit out of them.


A sunken sink


When hanging undermount’s you’d use this (or straight up wood)

Can hammock the sink into the cupboards. But what I’d be sure to be aware of is shifting of the pipes again, potentially causing leaks.


Loose lips sink sinks.


Get rid of the undermount and place the sink in the hole from the top. Use mold resistant silicone caulk to secure in place.


It’s a sink. Just replace it. It’ll take 20 minutes. But will cost you a new sink. I just replaced mine for $60 with a black stainless.


Ok so here is my plan. Unless someone says not to. I’ve got a pair of skis I can use to prop it up, and I’ll put gorilla glue around the rim a d just prop it up. Anyone e object to this?

Source: My sink collapsed

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