You dont buy a rig like that and go to campgrounds if you dont like attention.


I recently saw one of those in Montana. Had german plates and there was a g wagon with german plates with em.
They gots money


If it has euro plates, then I think i saw him at our site last year. He had what looked like a trail 90 on the back. Cool rig either way


Saw a lot of these big rigs in around Banff when I was there for a week this summer. Didn’t see a whole lot of people stopping by and asking questions. We did have a Storyteller Beast across from us in Dinosaur PP and I really wanted to check out the inside, but I left the elderly couple alone


not my account …

and hey travel around the globe…

manufacturer -> not sure it is 100% this one


Are you in California? I saw a rig very much like that in Fresno yesterday. Headed south on I-99 at maybe 55mph.


I have seen Germans bring these to the SW. So cool, probably like 1 million USD. Literally a land yacht.

Source: Man Expedition Truck pulled in at the next site over from mine. They didn’t get a second of peace with every camper in the area going over to ask the same questions repeatedly and posing for selfies

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