PhotoShop much?


So much creepy shit going on in this picture.

  • Snipers on the roof of the building.
  • Large creepy face (Joker?) on the large window on the slide of the toy hauler.
  • Creepy guy, all black with black hoodie, standing behind the toy hauler, with a weird halo around him.
  • Looks like a SawzAll on the bumper of the pickup.
  • Dog next to the Teardrop is hovering about six inches above the pavement.
  • Something that looks like a soft-sided cooler to the right of the dog, next to the Teardrop. Not creepy, but obviously “shopped” in.
  • Giant fish fork on the ground in front of the electric hookup post.
  • Weird rectangular sign hanging from the bottom of the pickup door – about the size of a bumper sticker. Can’t make out what it says.
  • “RV Hookup” sign has been tampered with so that it only says “Hooker”.
  • Obviously “shopped” image of a car (Pontiac?) in front of the pickup.
  • Huge moon in the sky on the right.
  • Equally huge Saturn-like planet with rings in the sky on the left.
  • Bad “airbrush” work all over the place.

Did I miss anything?


This is one of the better posts I’ve seen lately 🙂 definitely got some laughs


Is this supposed to imply stopping overnight at loves is not safe/creepy?


Lol it slowly gets better and better after zooming lol


Ooo this is like an I Spy book. I like it


What’s the snipers for?

Source: Just stopped at loves. the new RV hook up is great! the fresh fruit is amazing as well 🙂

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