Careful while filling it though, the full mark is for when everything is completely retracted. If you fill it to the full mark and then retract everything you’ll overflow the reservoir.


Usually use Dexron III ATF . Limited description of the problem . Does the pump run when you hit the retract switch ? When was the last time it worked ? Are you plugged into shore power ?


These systems are relatively simple. Those pumps usually do have a pickup which is near the bottom of that reservoir, but it would likely suck air at that low level. Fill it to about 1/4 of the way up the side and then try operating it again. It may take a couple of cycles in/ out to clear air completely from the circuits, it doesn’t take any special technique to make it work right again other than that cycling like you’d normally operate it. Check for info on the unit, but I’d guess it likely uses generic ATF as the oil.


100% Low. There should be info on label of pump/pump reservoir.

That is a pretty dramatic amount of fluid loss. Have you checked compartment and around vehicle for leaks?


If your that low on fluid I’d be questioning where it all went. Think I’d figure out how to manually retract everything and call a mechanic.


Would be odd for low fluid to prevent retraction from my understanding. You need to have jacks retracted to really tell how much fluid you have (when jacks are extended, all the fluid is in the lines and not in the reservoir).

I’ve had multiple problems with my jacks. First the pump motor was bad and then replaced, then discovered bad solenoid which I had replace. I’d check to make sure you’re getting voltage to the motor if it’s not kicking on


Also check the fuse. Just had this same issue and turned out to be a fuse not fluid.

Source: Jacks will not retract and slides will not come home. Assuming it’s because of low hydraulic fluid. What kind of fluid do I get?

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