Sitting here by the campfire on a quick impromptu weekend getaway (our second trip with this camper), kids reading in their hammocks, smoking a cigar… And my wife starts showing me listings for bigger campers. Can of worms is what I opened! And while the responsible me says there's nothing wrong with ours, some of them look so nice & have all the features I want!


Correct. You left your dog buddy inside alone, and dog is not amused.



Kids shouldn’t be smoking cigars. /s

It’s the nice weekends where nothing goes wrong that make camping worth it. It’s those other weekends that make it a pain and make you question your life.


We had a 4500# 23 footer towed with an Avalanche. Then Hurricane Michael totaled the truck and the house. We replaced the totaled Avalanche with a Ram 1500. We had to live in the camper while we rebuilt, but after 6 weeks, I couldn’t do it. After a full day working, then working on the house in the evening, the two sitting areas were either the booth made with a piece of foam over plywood, or the “couch” made with a piece of foam over plywood. We traded the camper for a 10,000# 3 slide 30 footer. Lived in it full time for 6 months until the house was finished, then started taking monthly weekend trips. Quickly found out, while the Ram 1500 had the tow capacity, it was a white knuckle drive anytime the road wasn’t smooth and straight. Traded the 1500 for a 2500. Now, we’d like to downsize the camper but can’t find anything that has the luxuries we’ve become accustomed too.


I’m with you. It always happens that way. We bought our camper based on tow vehicle. Love the camper but quickly decided towing near max was not fun. Upgraded the tow vehicle to one that’s over twice the tow max of the old one. Now with a 3 month old camper I keep looking at the next one up in the same line that has everything that the one we got doesn’t have. Down the rabbit hole we go


Congrats. Life is good.


She has a case of foot-itus

Wants and extra foot here….an extra door there….


Where you at? Ours is 21 feet and we want the size you have. Say you’re in alberta and I’ll make the sale easy for you!

Source: I’ve made a mistake!

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