Was looking at a forest river wildwoood used. Decently new – 2020. But owner hasn’t used it in about a year due to new kid.

The trailer has this thing separating from the roof (I don’t know it’s name) on the front of the trailer (on the side opposite to the awning ). Is this big damage ? He says not water leaks or water damage.

He is still under warranty – so will take it to the dealership to get their opinion. But what do y’all hunt ?


that opening definitely looks like an avenue for a good bit of water to get in. I don’t know how you would get in the wall to check it. It’d have to be a REAL good deal for me to move forward on it – but I would certainly seal that ASAP


Get estimate first


That does not look like a warranty claim, but a tree branch


So, I don’t know if I’m going to be explaining this well because I don’t know the technical names for the parts, but it looks similar to what happened on my Keystone Bullet. Along the front corner, there is a piece of aluminum channel that goes from the bottom of the trailer and wraps around to the top of the trailer. They bend it around the trailer and then secure it with screws as they go and cake it with sealant at the top.

The top part of mine started to spring back to its original straight shape, which caused the top edge of it to lift and rip the screws out of the roof. It looks like the factory just threw even more sealant over it and sent it out the door, still lifting an inch or 2. Not long after I got it, the sealant started to tear, exposing the problem. My solution was to put a few more screws into it to secure it back to the roof and remove some of the old sealant and reseal it. I caught it before it rained, and I haven’t noticed any leaks since I’ve done the repair. I wish I had taken pictures to show what I’m talking about.

Source: Is this too much damage ?

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