So, we’ve got a Thor Class C, a 2018, recently purchased from an RV dealer second hand. Noticed this gap, it’s on the backside of the coach wall, at the top of the B-Pillar where the cab meets the coach and the overhead bunk starts, right next to the driver door. There is no gap on the passenger side. Can anyone with a class C chime in and tell me if theirs has this strange gap. My gut is telling me it’s a manufactuerer defect, wall piece was cut wrong at the factory and they used it anyway, been letting in water and moisture for 5 years before our ownership? Slight delamination also occurring on the outer wall right at this corner. Or am I crazy and it’s built with an illogical “vent” where water is least likely to consistently penetrate the walls.


That’s just some minor water damage at this point. Nothing to do with a manufacturer defect. As far as normal… it’s super common due to lack of maintenance. Unless it bothers you, just reseal the area and make sure there is not more water intrusion .


The screw is getting wet…that is for sure. I can’t see whats on the other side of that pic, so it’s really hard to say what is leaking.

If you think it’s leaking from there…grab some white silicone and seal her up.

Source: Is this normal?

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