I was trying to figure out where my water pump is and saw this. Guess that’s why our bedroom never gets warm


Knowing RV workmanship and quality, I’m going with yes.


Just get a coupler for the flex duct and then foil tape found it.


Yes. Those heat ducts are ‘paper’ thin. water line probably cut it. You can buy the tape to get it back together HVAC foil tape is what you need.

If I could get at the other end of it I’d replace the duct. But that might be just simply pointless in trying depending on how/where it is run.


Is that a Keystone product?


Wait, that’s how the heat the under belly… ????


I would get some semi-random gid duct and replace the whole thing and reroute it. The angle it’s going into the upper floor duct is really going to restrict flow. 


Mine was cut in one spot and folded in half in another and 3 feet too long on the third. Wonderful quality.

Source: Is this my furnace heat duct that’s cut in half with a water line running through it??

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