I ask because all other pictures I see online don’t have the extra clear tape on the sides.

But both sellers I ordered from on Amazon sent me a similar roll. The only difference is one doesn’t have the microsealant text on the tube.


Call eternabond – only way to know for sure.

I called them to discuss two versions available on Amazon and discovered they were actually different products with unique use cases. Same price on Amazon with same description, but the part #’s differed hence my call


That looks like butyl tape. Eternabond isn’t double stick.


The eternabond RVers use on our roofs is not sticky on both sides, just one. The top side is weather proof. What you have there looks more like some kind of butyl tape. You could try taking a piece and squishing it to see if it behaves like butyl.

Source: Is this genuine eternabond double stick?

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