It looks fine to me but i’m inexperienced and unsure if this would actually work. Each square is 1 sqft.


I hope you’re really, really slim, otherwise getting onto the bed will be a real challenge.


Looks heavy on one side


That is a lot of unused “hallway”. I count something like 16 sq ft (8% of the total space) of poorly used space in the galley and between the bathroom and office and the bathroom is huge.

Are you building this yourself? If so, you could split the bathroom and rotate the galley to give you a center hall with better bed access and more working space in the kitchen. Even better would be an elevator bed over the desk for a ton more space.


What’s with all the desk space? Is that all work area…you’ve go place to sit/living area.

You could slide the fridge over to the wall, but then you’re losing 4-ft of counter/cabinet space and you’re sleeping right next to the fridge unless there’s supposed to be a wall separating. On the other hand, that gives you better access to the bed.


OK, one thing to remember: Walls have thickness. They get surprisingly thick, actually. A standard stick and brick home wall is 6″ thick. While you’ll probably have much thinner walls in a trailer, they are still going to have thickness, and you have a lot of areas in the design that don’t really have “take four inches from here” kind of space. They are going to add up a lot more than you think.

If you are going to use a propane fridge, it has to vent to the outside. If it is a 12 volt compressor fridge, it doesn’t need to.

The bathroom looks a little… suspicious. That toilet and the shower are going to be really, really close to each other. Seriously, you might really want to mock it up and see if you could actually work with it, I know I wouldn’t be able to use that toilet.

Also – there is no couch. No chill zone. By the presence of the desk, I’m guessing that you are expecting to be in this RV for a good chunk of time each day while you are using it. Not having a chill space is going to be annoying. There is just something about being able to relax on the couch after a long day. I don’t know if you have ever worked from home – but being able to move from the desk to somewhere else is kind of important for your mental well being. Unless you are going to always chill in your bed…

If I were designing it, I’d probably at least bounce the kitchen up to next to the office space, and move the bathroom back. You can probably make the bathroom a bit smaller, honestly. Particularly if you make it a wet bath. I’d bounce the oven or sink to the wall facing the office and make that a half wall, to give you some more open sight lines.

If there is any way that you can… get some cardboard and mock up the spaces to make sure that they aren’t too claustrophobic for you. I would have trouble spending much time at all in this RV, to be honest – and I like small, tight spaces.


Fridge needs to be on an exterior wall, and the “hallway” is ineffective use of space.

The floor to ceiling built-ins you see in all RV’S are what gives the “box” it’s strength.


Seems to heavy to one side, have you considered all the things that need to go underneath, like the water tanks, pipes, electrical wiring, control panels, vents, maintenance access, etc?

Source: Is this floor plan realistically possible?

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