You burn scented candles in there?


That’s soot – I wouldn’t burn real candles in an RV for a lot of reasons. Buy the best simulated electric candles you can with flicker and a scent plug in and get rid of the candles.

If you don’t burn candles, having soot like this would worry me.


I had the same problem. Definitely the candles.


Yes, it is candles.

Personally, I like real candles. I like the light, I like the smell, I like the way it makes a drink and meal look, and I like the look in the bedroom.

Soot streaks on walls and the ceiling are just part of the ambiance.


it’s dirt/grime/smoke/pollution. Keep after it.


I get the appeal of real candles, but DUDE! An RV is a fire hazard just existing, don’t invite disaster


Super toxic breathing all those hydrocarbons. None of the fragrances are required to be identified. Not even real fragrances. Try a potpourri pot to kill the RV odor. An open flame in a camper is just crazy dangerous.

Source: Is this dust?? Or some other issue??

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