Looks like gooseneck to me.


That is almost definitely a gooseneck trailer.

That said – there are adapters to make it work with a 5th wheel hitch. He may have had one of those which is why it worked with that hitch.

Not advocating adapters. Just saying they do exist.


Had a guy deliver me this, I need to move it. Guy who delivered it is the same guy I bought it from. He has a fifth wheel plate In the bed of his truck. He’s telling me it’s a normal fifth wheel. Friends of mine are saying it’s obviously a gooseneck.

Now, when he delivered it I helped him level it and I vividly remember taking off what looked like an adapter between the truck and camper hitch. It was large, and it looked like what a gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter would look like. The guy who delivered it explicitly told me that it does not need an adapter though, even though I’m sure he used one.

I need to get this moved by Thursday and I need to know before I go to pick it up.


Ok. Thanks for the replies everyone.

I asked the original guy who delivered it if it’s a gooseneck or a fifth wheel, and I asked him if I can deliver it with a fifth wheel and no adapter.

He told me that he hauled it with a gooseneck adapter on it, when we parked I helped him take it off and it’s ready to be hauled by a standard fifth wheel and no adapter.

The guy who’s going to help me haul it now has both a fifth wheel and a gooseneck, we don’t know which one to bring.


I just realized that it’s a possibility that he left the adapter on in this picture, and it’s all I have to look back at. We removed the adapter when it was parked on my lot. But I don’t have a picture of what the hitch looks like right now.


This has more in common with a horse trailer than a regular 5th wheel. The pin box is all wrong for being able to slide into a 5th wheel hitch even if you remove the goose neck.

Source: Is this a Gooseneck hitch or a fifth wheel hitch?

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