I'm having a palmetto bug issue and while trying to address the problem I'm looking to see if I can close the areas around the burners because I'm pretty certain these are avenues used to access the counter. I'm wondering, given that the steel wool is metal it and aluminum foil won't catch on fire, and the propane and flame come out the top, would it be okay to close this area off? I also have a Camco range cover which I will be closing.

I just opened up the camper from the off-season which in Florida is the summer, so while I started off with a disadvantage as they've had six months to go to town. I'm launching the counter offensive.


Steel wool does burn. It turns to rust, which is an exothermic reaction.

Fun fact: this is what generates heat in disposable hand warmers.


Aluminum foil only. As said above, steel wool and fire are not good together. Especially inside.

Source: Is it safe to put steel wool/aluminum foil?

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