I Love RV Life – The Poem

by Jerry Neal | Mar 30, 2023


I love RV life, oh how I adore
The open road, the freedom to explore
From mountains to beaches, and everything between
There’s so much to see, so much to glean

The engine roars as we hit the gas
Adventure awaits, let’s make it last
The world is our playground, we’re on the go
No need to rush, no need to be slow

Campgrounds and parks, they’re all our home
A new backyard wherever we roam
The sound of nature, the chirping birds
Life’s simple pleasures, without any words

The stars above, the moonlit sky
A perfect view, just you and I
The crackling fire, a cozy night
This is the RV life, pure delight

I love RV life, the memories we make
The laughter, the joy, it’s all at stake
So let’s hit the road, and chase the sun
The RV life, we’ve just begun.

Copyright 2023 – I Love RV Life

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Source: I Love RV Life – The Poem

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