Not sure why these excite me so much, I see them often enough. Yes I am camping in a So Cal parking lot.


Yo dawg, I heard you like slide outs.


A Schwintek slide out within a Schwintek slide out. What could go wrong? lol!


I feel kinda opposite. I see these and think about how unnecessary they are and how much of a maintenance headache they will become.


Holy cow! I’ve never seen one like this!


Yo dawg! We heard you like slide outs! So we put a slide out in your slide out!


I don’t think my center of gravity is out far enough. Can we slide some more weight out and get that nice lever arm please?


I’m hitting my head on at least one of those corners.
Cmon people give life a chance with some pool floats.

Source: I get excited every time I see I slide out in a slide out.

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