Dehumidifier absolutely. Turn the heat up high and just accept you’re going to be blasting through propane


Can you run a dehumidifier in there for a day or two? Dehumidifiers do wonders with pulling moisture out of everything. I run one when my house gets damp especially after a long rainstorm and it pulls gallons of water out of the place


Go to Home Depot and rent a dehumidifier asap


Water damage is awful but a single flooding does not have to be the end of the world. You need to dry everything as quickly as you can. There are two ways, not mutually exclusive–heat and a dehumidifier. Get it warm and run the dehumidifiers and much as you can. If you’re in a dry climate like the southwest, get the doors and windows open, even though it’s cold the air is very dry.


Go to Home Depot and rent a carpet cleaner. Don’t put solution in the cleaner or any water, just use it in suction mode to pull the water out of your carpet. Also rent a carpet drying fan and after you’ve pulled all the water out run the fan for a couple hours until it feels dry when you press. I did this over the summer and we have no mold!


Great advice all around. It happens, Ive done it so you’re not alone. I didn’t go the humidifier route because it was middle of summer (and didn’t think about it). It might take a while to dry and now you have a story to reply back on similar posts.


Ehh don’t sweat it, put a fan blowing towards it to help it dry out and maybe a small space heater if you have (keep an eye on things and don’t leave it unattended). Maybe even run the AC as well for a day, (the air conditioner is basically a dehumidifier in a way) it should dry. By the pictures it doesn’t look like much got out.

Source: I flooded my rv by running water too long, help

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