So i got this rv recently. Its not in great condition but its liveable and all interior outlets and powered stuff work, but these exterior outlets dont work at all, and i was hoping yall could give me some suggestions on what to check so i can hopefully fix them. Also the damage there is only to the cover.


My exterior outlets are controlled by the GFI above the bathroom sink. It is very finicky and it pops all the time.


Remove the cover and see if it’s even wired up or if a wire is broken, loose, etc. also make sure it’s unplugged when you start actually working on it. If it is wired it could be the outlet itself is bad or the wire is disconnected further on


Not a “RV Specific” receptacle… You can use whatever “outdoor rated” box from the home improvement store (assuming that the plugs are functioning).


Its a home plug underneath it. If you pull it apart, I would just replace it with a fresh outlet. They are like $3 at home depot. You could go real fancy and get the “child proof” ones that the little plug holes close up, and that keeps out more bugs, and those are $5.


I believe that has replacements for that outlet.


Check for a tripped GFI inside the RV.


Thank yall for the help!! Turns out it was a disconnected wire, so its working now

Source: How to fix exterior outlets?

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