I am staying in a small town in south Utah, and the only potable water spigot is at a BLM building. They claim it is safe but it taste like Walmart sink water if you know what I mean. What do you guys do with your water to make it taste better?


If it’s a threaded tap, get a $20 water filter from the RV section at Walmart.


Add whiskey


Multi-Stage filtration, RO, UV.

Can get systems for a reasonable price on Amazon. Excellent upgrade if travelling.


I just drink tap. I grew up on the garden hose water.


Run the water through say a Brita filter not for the filtering but because they add minerals and what not to improve the taste. If its potable water you have no need for a intense water filter system most likely.

As a side note its the selling point of Zerowater filter system..they add nothing and everything is stripped out.

So I think its subjective on what people like.


I bought a 3 stage filter with replaceable cartridges and hooked it up with quick connects to my fresh water hoses, got a big plastic bin to hold the assembly and cut holes to let the hoses through. The hoses and filter all fit in the bin, which I store in the truck.

I filter any water that goes into my fresh tank or portable water jugs, and use the filter setup when I’m on city water connections.

For tank maintenance I sanitize the fresh system with bleach at the start of the season. I do it at a serviced site so I can adequately flush the lines, it takes a few cycles to get the bleach smell out.

I also use compressed air to winterize the water lines, and only use the RV antifreeze in the drains and toilet.

Down the road I might install a UV filter in the kitchen, but I have other upgrades I want to tackle before that.


We use a SodaStream and flavor drops.

Source: How do you get your “potable” water to taste good?

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